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Speed and reliability are the basics for web hosting. If web site visitors have to wait too long for the download they turn away. If they click a link to your site and the server is down, they will never click again. For this reason we provide hosting on servers with fast processors and enough memory and we don't overload our servers with users. We also stand to our 99.9% uptime guarantee and we host all web sites on the more stable and reliable Linux operating system.

With a dedicated server you have full control over the server and you decide how the resources are used. Our network is connected to multiple backbone providers for redundancy, which resulted in 100% network uptime since the opening of the data center. And with burstable band with you don't have to worry about slow transfer or even packet loss. If you consider the prices of some ISPs you could almost connect purchase a dedicated line to your office. Save with our low fees and rely on our experienced staff for hardware and network maintenance.

SuperKeyword.net Designers will work with you as a partner in business, study your business closely and look carefully at your competitor to provide you with designs at the same level or above. We understand you need a web site to conduct business. Our team will work hard to choose the best design to insure that each viewer has a seamless, intuitive and flawless experience on your site. We design for all business sizes, as well as personal web sites. Whether it is a static or a database driven website, our team can develop services uniquely tailored to your business.

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